Social Media Marketing

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Professional social media marketing & management services from Kaya Media will ensure improved coverage, quality and performance of your business’ public profiles, brand messages, reputation and authority.

Using all available and appropriate channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, Kaya Media will integrate your public profiles to your business plans and corporate branding and make sure they are used to support your other marketing activities, driving in traffic and promoting conversions.

Social media can be time-consuming and sometimes bewildering, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Taking advantage of an expert management service can cut costs, achieve a good return on investment and take the pain out of promotion.


Why Do I Need Social Media?

A report by analytics company Searchmetrics revealed that Facebook Shares and Likes, plus Twitter interactions, have a huge impact on how websites rank in search engine results pages. They are, in some cases, even more influential than quality backlinks.

This means that a business that makes the most of its social media presence – being responsive, active and with high-profile exposure to potential customers – can achieve page rankings above its larger competitors….. A company that fails to be active, responsive and poor at engaging potential customers will not experience the full benefits on their bottom line.


It is therefore clear that its is time to get serious about being social :

  • ➔    Do your customers interact with you using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?
  • ➔    Do you suspect there are better, more innovative ways to use this channel?
  • ➔    Does your brand have followers on Twitter and Facebook?
  • ➔    Does your brand or business have enough followers?
  • ➔    Are you happy with your account profile content?
  • ➔    Are you unsure how to maximise networking potential?
  • ➔    Do you use a third party platform to co-ordinate your messages?
  • ➔    How much time does social media take out of your day?
  • ➔    Do your accounts reflect your company in its best possible light?
  • ➔    Have you experienced trolls, negative posts or spamming?
  • ➔    Do you promote your company brand, website or business blog this way?
  • ➔    Do you use these channels to disseminate information or to enhance customer service?
  • ➔    Is your account used for promoting your brand, products or sales initiatives?


The Benefits Of Professional Social Media Management

We have extensive experience managing accounts for clients across all business sectors, from sole traders to corporations. Our service is confidential, professional, affordable and effective. We keep up to date with the latest improvements, apps and tools and, because every business is unique, we bring your accounts in line with your company goals so they support all your other marketing activities.


Kaya social media management services include:

  • ➔    Performance diagnostics
  • ➔    Audience research
  • ➔    Landing page quality
  • ➔    Optimising profile content
  • ➔    Business plan integration
  • ➔    Internet marketing campaign integration
  • ➔    Scheduled messages across all channels
  • ➔    Advice on current and ongoing practices
  • ➔    Suggestions on best practice and networking
  • ➔    Regular reviews and development

Kaya Media is more than happy to discuss your current social media provision, analyse performance and make suggestions on to extend its reach to more customers.

Contact us now for a FREE no-obligation, social media diagnostic…. and discover how Kaya Media can improve your business performance by using this very effective internet marketing tool.