PPC Marketing 

Kaya Media provides a complete pay-per-click (PPC) management solution that gives you the best possible return on your investment (ROI). PPC Marketing is a highly competitive and fast-moving environment. Most businesses who run their own campaigns are only running at 50% efficiency because it’s a time consuming and complex system.

This is where Kaya Media can help you. Our account managers are highly experienced, with three decades’ combined experience in making campaigns perform and helping businesses get the optimum return on investment. Because we look at the whole picture, we are also able to recommend and implement improvements to other areas of your website that influence – and are influenced by – your PPC, like quality scores and keyword performance.

Why Do I need PPC?

Professional PPC marketing is an immediate, active way of boosting your websites exposure to customers, improving both website traffic and product sales or conversions. The idea was launched in 1998 and now more than 90% of internet traffic passes through the three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!), which display adverts appropriate to the individual users search query.

It involves bidding for relevant keywords, composing an optimised advert and ensuring all associated elements are supporting the campaign, including the quality of the landing page and destination URLs. As you pay-per-click – each time a user clicks on your advert – you want to ensure that the people clicking through are those who want to spend money with you or sign up for a service. This is the key factor in improving ROI. A professional PPC marketing company will know when to choose a bid-based or flat rate model, how to set the right budgets and use them efficiently, set time schedules, optimise language and target users in specific geographic and market locations.

Also known as sponsored links or contextual ads, campaigns can also be used as a diagnostic tool for overall website performance, specifically enhancing keyword performance. If you are specifically running Adwords, please see our Google adwords managment page to see if we can improve on your current campaign.

Kaya’s PPC management – What we do?

We will manage all aspects of your PPC marketing campaign to ensure it is running at maximum strength.

This includes :

  • Account restructuring
  • Keyword research/analysis
  • Negative Spend Reduction
  • Landing page analysis
  • Utilising the available tools and applications
  • Ad scheduling
  • Full campaign ROI tracking
  • Full activity reports
  • Expert ad copy writing / split testing
  • Network Display and Re-marketing
  • Improving quality scores
  • Network Setting Configuration
  • Local or Geographical Targeting
  • Reducing click cost
  • Full activity reports including key performance indicators and ROI
  • Improving badly performing keywords
  • Enhancing poor performing adverts
  • Editing/testing alternate destination URLs
  • Advert diagnostics
  • Competitor analysis

PPC Benefits :

  • 30+ years’ combined experience in pay-per-click advertising, management and development
  • Ongoing industry monitoring to make the most of search engine developments
  • Upfront and honest advice
  • No contracts tie-in
  • No confusing sales patter or technical jargon
  • Free campaign/reviews to highlight areas of improvement
  • We migrate and improve existing accounts or simply set up new from scratch
  • Friendly and professional service


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